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DIY Motorised Panoramic Tripod

A new take on spherical panoramas

Automated Spherical Panorama tripod for DSLR

This is a motorised modified Manfrotto tripod using custom 3d printed parts and electronics. The project is a step-up from my iPhone panoramic bracket and allows spherical panoramas to be shot in a single revolution. Example panoramas can be found in the Spherical Panorama section of my website.

New single shell clip-on — clip-off design that uses just one bolt to secure it on the tripod. No more hot glue and cableties to secure the motor. Other improvements include the built in battery compartment and 3 programmable buttons to change turn speed, exposure delay and number of shots.

3d printed shell

Assembled and attached to the tripod

Clip 3

It takes less than a minute to shoot a single panorama and the precise alignment of the lens saves masses of time in post-processing.

The setup has an impressively small blindspot which is fairly easy to get rid of.

Panorama blindspot

The camera mount is designed to fit the quick release plate slot of the tripod and the spacing is tuned to match the nodal point of the lens. This is great because you can take the camera off and snap it back on without the need to tune the nodal point.

Camera mounts

The 3d printed parts are sturdy, I can lift the whole thing by grabbing the camera and it feels very rigid. I've carried this with me all day couple of times and its still in one piece.

3D models on thingiverse:

Spherical panorama tripod for dslr